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    Tantra for Women

    There is a unique richness to tantric work between women.  When two women enter into sacred sensual space together, a magic occurs that seems to transcend time and space, and even sexual orientation.

    Whether you are aware of it or not, your body contains the wisdom and energy that creates everything in this universe. Have you dreamt of being truly in touch with that power through your sexuality? Healed from all trauma and self doubt, in your full emotional expression, experiencing more pleasure than ever before? This and more is possible.

    Every session I craft for a woman is unique. After an extensive exploratory conversation, I use my intuition to lead you to the new you. Maybe this is your first time experiencing any sensuality with a woman? Perhaps you’d like a session where you remain clothed, or you are ready to find your G-spot once and for all? It’s all possible.

    I work with women of all experience levels and ages that are seeking to:

    • Journey deeper into their body wisdom
    • Increase self-esteem
    • Overcome body-image issues
    • Release emotional trauma
    • Attract and maintain thriving relationships
    • Embrace their inner-Goddess
    • Ignite their playfulness
    • Become more sexually empowered

    All session are unique but may include:

    • Yoni mapping
    • Sacred spot activation
    • Life and relationship coaching
    • Tantric philosophy

    Don’t stop now!

    Sorry ladies, I’ve never been able to accomplish one of these sessions in under 2 hrs! But I love this work so much, my hourly rate is deeply discounted for you. Take the next step. Call, email or book now – no references necessary.

    $200/hr: 2hr minimum, 3hrs recommended.

    Kind Words from My Goddess Clients

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