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    You’ll be okay. You ARE okay… what does okay mean anyway? Even bat-shit-crazy-fucked-up can be okay… so relax already!

    You have so much to offer, especially in the form of words. You will write books that will allow others to learn, heal and grow from your pain and your persistence.

    Your purpose is coming. It’s becoming more clear, so be patient… you have no idea how many lifetimes it’s taken to get to this particular point of  tortuous uncertainty…  so be grateful and humble and let the process work through you… LISTEN.

    You are loved. It doesn’t matter if the people you love can’t show you love the way you want them to, what matters is that they love you… and by them not giving you what you think you need you are becoming more and more aware of exactly how you need to love yourself.

    Knowing the “whys” and the “hows” is helpful, but it doesn’t evaporate the pain of the “whats.” Stop buying into the models that say otherwise so that you can release the idea that there is a piece of this puzzle your mind is missing, and that finding it will change the way you feel. While it may work for some… for you, changing your feelings is not a mental exercise… and because you know that, you better get damn good at figuring out what works for you and commit to it as if it were the air filling your lungs.

    Forgive yourself on a moment to moment basis… there’s really never enough of that…. so go overboard.

    Find new ways to love yourself every day, no one is ever going to be as good at it as you are, so make it your art.

    Stop being so concerned about who you want to become and be grateful for who you are and where you are and the amazing loving community you find yourself in… and for the love of Goddess, don’t hide from your friends when you need them the most.

    Understand that when you continually and ritualistically ask the universe to support you in your full expression… that you will get exactly what you asked for, and it will look NOTHING like you thought it would… and your only job is to roll with it and… let go.

    What is life whispering to you?

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