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    The Ultimate Tantric Package: New Offering for Couples

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    After working with hundreds of couples, I’ve found that this formula works best. Each individual comes in for their own 2hr session, then unite for a 2hr couples’ session. This helps resolve a few issues. Often times the individuals are at different levels of experience with Tantra or in their sensual confidence. Allowing me to address your needs separately before bringing you together can enhance the depth and enjoyment of your experience significantly.

    Other times, one partner is driving the “let’s learn Tantra” train and is really enthusiastic, while the other is skeptical. This allows each party to come in fresh with their own authentic point of view alone and get comfortable with how I work. It relieves the pressure of having to impress or manage your partner’s emotions or nervousness about the session together. I hope you’ll trust my expertise and take advantage of the savings this experience provides.

    Two 2hr sessions for individuals and One 2hr couples’ session

    • $1800
    • Saves you $200


    My work with couples varies tremendously based on your needs. I love creating a beautiful atmosphere for you and your partner to explore Tantra with one another, while coaching from the sidelines. I can also engage with one or both of you physically. The best way for me to assess what would be most appropriate is to speak with both of you on the phone. Once your boundaries and desires are clearly laid out, I’ll craft an unforgettable experience for you.

    I work with couples of all sexual and gender orientations and identities, including polyamorous partnerships of more than two (inquire about pricing).

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