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    Sorry, Ava no longer regularly travels to DC. She's available in San Diego, Nashville and for video coaching and private retreats only.

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    Questions around how to start your journey? I offer coaching via phone and Skype.

    Safely explore your sexuality with the help of a gifted tantric coach. I will help you tap into your deepest levels of pleasure, guiding you into intense energetic release.

    Are you looking for a transformative experience beyond the typical sensual massage or tantric massage? Do you yearn for intimate connectedness, skillful touch and full-body bliss? Have you ever wished your everyday stresses could melt away into heart-expanding euphoria?

    Looking for Washington DC tantric massage? Book any of the sessions below to experience intuitive, intentional tantric healing:

    I have trained in Lomi-Lomi massage, Craniosacral therapy and “The Work” of Byron Katie. My mission is to support and inspire you to live your life from a place of deep authenticity and inner intimacy.

    I work with men, women and couples—all races, sexual preferences and identities.


    Working with Ava has been nothing short of special, powerful and life-changing. I contacted Ava for personal and spiritual reasons. I knew very little about Tantra in general or what Ava offered personally. I just knew it was time for some deep healing, and that is exactly what happened.

    What is most impressive about working with Ava is her ability to listen carefully to my story in order to put together a supportive healing plan that works best for me… She saw the story pattern behind my words and was able to link current issues I was having to deeper long-standing stress patterning.

    One of the most powerful moments came when she touched three specific areas on my torso, one right after the other, explaining the energetic linkage between these areas and how they must be relaxed and released. The three areas she highlighted were the three most troublesome parts of my body and ones I had not mentioned to her before.

    My one-on-one time with her was very valuable. The environment she provides is safe and supportive. By mixing professionalism with spirituality I immediately felt open to share my thoughts and feelings as well as put into action her recommendations for growth. Simply put she cares about helping people and knows how to do so with confidence and love. I highly recommend Ava to anyone looking for spiritual growth.

    -Dave (Ma.Ed.)


    Please check the calendar below for upcoming trips and fill out a booking form. Or, consider sponsoring my visit to your area.

    Not available for a Washington DC tantric massage? Visit me in any of the locations below:

    Atlanta      Bali      Boston      California     Nashville     New York City     Philadelphia

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