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    Tantrika Salsera

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    For many of you, it won’t take much convincing to prove my thesis:  Salsa dancing is Tantric.

    Duh, everything’s Tantric (especially dancing, silly!).

    But no, really it is… so let me have some fun showing you how… .

    Shiva (a.k.a Rodrigo) holds divine space with confidence. He spreads his wings into embrace and builds a beautiful human frame. A perfect fulcrum emerges, caressing masculine and feminine into divine balance.

    Their vessels touch at resilience’s edge. Their eyes lock into souls. A thread is formed. Weaving begins.

    The weaving relies on her body’s ability to listen deeply to his. Like mystical tuning forks, a heart note is struck resonating deep into the soles of their shoes and then down further to kiss Mama Earth, the original tantrika salsera (tantric salsa dancer).

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