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    Tantra Palooza 2010

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    This blog is the beautiful story of my rebirth the remembrance of who I am.

    The name I embrace, isn’t by chance… Ava Ananda is me… divine, whole, she who plays.

    Shortly after my first true tantric embrace and kundalini awakening on March 12, 2008, I wrote these words: “ …it felt as if we were tapping into the core energy of the universe like cosmic gods, allowed to stay in ecstasy for as long as we could manage, breathing in divine energy… the universe was created for this… .”

    This energy is ours. This divine right and passage is ours. But this eternal gift is not quite as free as some masters teach. It takes generations of brave, liberated, shaktified beings to build the foundation to plant the seed that can grow and stretch and learn and CONTRACT and grow and stretch and EXPAND to this amazing earth-bound, soul-driven blessing called Tantra Palooza.

    Love. Family. Liberation. Full Expression.

    May Goddess continue to bless us with her divine milk and the cake that comes with it because you know we’re going to eat it… right, Kamala Devi?

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