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    Something springs forth… it wants out of me.

    A raw desire to let trails of tears and tantrums of laughter mix and flow in divine alchemy and transform into something that can be helpful to you and me… something we can put to use.

    So, here it goes…

    Isn’t it amazing how we fool ourselves? Transitions trailing changes, chasing journeys, declaring new paths, but always seeking security.


    Yeah that something that you grasp for, even though you know it doesn’t exist.

    It looks different for everyone… perhaps it’s a steady well-paying job that you love doing, a loving relationship that runs smooth like river rocks… maybe it’s a dream house or artistic venture or massive healing from disease or discomfort something that signifies to you that you’ve arrived!

    Your happy platform is now safely supporting you… you have permission to relax into the finer things in life. You’ll have more time for meditation and retreats and long lazy days of lovemaking. You’ll have all the confidence that you need to access even your most elaborate visions and make them reality. It will all be so easy, once you just… .


    No. Tantrikas know this isn’t true. We know the only secure moment is now and that the only “easy”  available is the level of ease we embody while swaying smoothly with the winds of change.

    Now. That’s the only thing we’ve got a handle on, all the rest is something else… .

    It’s the divine flow where the journey of each breath can be savored and the flavor of each decision, no matter its outcome, can be tasted… and I mean REALLY tasted, like when fresh organic garden greens mingle with ripe avocado and heirloom tomato and fill your mouth with a true appreciation for this Earth and how beautifully it supports us.

    Ahhhh… isn’t it tasty? This now… this amazing adventure. It really is something.

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