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    Tantric Awareness Retreats

    So many people want to changes their lives. They want more happiness, more sensuality and a stronger sense of connection to people they love and the world around them. They want to taste bliss and feel true gratitude coursing through their veins.  They have this inkling that there is more, but they aren’t quite sure how to reach it.

    Commonly, they are also plagued by doubt that true change is really possible and an even heavier obstacle: time. How can I add something to my already packed day? When will the emails, texts and calls slow down enough for me to even contemplating relaxing and focusing on myself?

    It’s true. Time is a challenging obstacle. But while many can’t imagine rearranging their day, most people can find a weekend to take off or are finally fed up enough to put some of those unclaimed vacation days they’ve accumulated to good use.

    Sometimes it just takes a distinct pattern-interrupt leaving your familiar environment and patterns to relax enough and focus on your own growth and pleasure for a change. This is where retreats come into play. A 2-5 day transformational journey where you put YOU at the center of your universe and press the reset button.

    Choose the Perfect Tantric Retreat for You

    • <strong>Travel Retreat</strong>

      A new environment. Lush surroundings. Amazing food. Peace and tranquility. When we leave our day-to-day environment, relaxation and transformation become more accessible. What’s that place you’ve always wanted to go? What if you went there with someone who was completely focused on making sure you had the best experience possible? I’ll craft a program that is unique to your needs, combining hands-on tantric session work, coaching and casual social time with meals and outings. It will be the most productive and relaxing vacation you’ve ever had! You deserve it.

      Packages start at $3000.

    • <strong>Local Retreat</strong>

      Taking time out for your own personal growth and pleasure doesn’t have to include travel. If I am in your area, or you’d like to sponsor my trip to yours, I can craft a 1-5 day experience that will help you get to that next level of relaxation and transformation. With a combination of hands-on tantric session work, coaching and casual conversation over meals, we’ll get to the heart of your challenges and pave the way to more ease, grace and pleasure in your life.

      Packages start at $1500.

    • <strong>Personal Development Concierge</strong>

      Is there a personal-development workshop or retreat center you’ve had your eye on? Sometimes taking the leap into that environment by yourself is just too daunting. Or maybe you are not sure what the appropriate course or place for you would be. I have extensive knowledge of the best programs and facilities that are available in the United States and beyond. After an exploratory conversation with you, I can make an informed recommendation. Furthermore, I can accompany you and participate in the program with you offering wrap-around services, companionship and encouragement along the way.

      Packages start at $500, plus the cost of the program.

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    Curious about me? Let's connect on the phone or chat right now.  Don't keep your Priestess waiting...
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