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    Priestess of Kink

    ~Explore BDSM, sensual domination, kink and role play with Priestess Ava~

    Dive into your dark side...

    Oakland – San Francisco – San Jose – Virtual Sessions & Retreats Worldwide

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    Sensual Kink Experience

    Bow down and confess your kinks, sub. I will provide a safe space for you to explore your wildest fantasies, and embody your deepest submission. Let’s indulge in an array of sensation and impact play, or explore a specific roleplay or fetish. Whether it’s pain, humiliation, degradation, or pure titillation you crave–I will infiltrate your psyche and own your body with my authentically nurturing, supremely creative, and selectively sadistic demeanor.


    • 2hr – $700

    Includes dungeon/temple rental.  Upscale outcall add $150, Couples add 50%. Priestess loves extended sessions, inquire for rates.

    Priestess Worship Ritual

    Are you wishing to worship my every curve and discover how to truly please me? Your devotion is the seed of this sacred ritual. What blossoms from that seed will be up to me. I’m a complex creature with many desires, both physical and mental, that are always evolving. Are you craving my magic ? Can you keep up with this witch?  This sacred ritual often begins with hypnosis.

    • 2hr – $850

    Includes dungeon/temple rental. Some interests require an additional tribute. Upscale outcall add $150, Couples add 50%. Priestess loves extended sessions, inquire for rates.

    Domination Duo

    I adore the art of collaborative domination. With two skilled dominants in the room, we can reach new heights of erotic sadism and sensual creativity. Submit to your Priestess and her friend (male or female), to tap into this potential. Perfect for the kinky connoisseur, bratty sub, or punishment glutton. We specialize in “forced” or erotically encouraged-bi, sissification, impact play, cuckold, voyeurism, fetish, elaborate roleplay, SPH, CBT, GS and more! I collaborate with several lovely humans. Two of my favorites are: Sir Javier and Mxstress Citrine.

    • 1-3 hr engagements available
    • Pricing varies by practitioner, please inquire

    Includes dungeon/temple rental. Couples add 50%.

    Domestic Servitude or Spiritual Feminization

    These training rituals can be the starting point for a more formalized level of engagement, or a one-off deep dive into domestic service kink (cooking, cleaning, serving in any non-sexual way I desire), or my unique take on  sissification. The latter, isn’t for cross dressing fetishists or for anyone who wants to be degraded for being feminine. It is for people who deeply want to embody the divine feminine at every level of their being and are yearning to transform at the energetic level as well as the physical.  This often  includes chastity training. 

    • 2hr – $800
    • 3hr – $1000

    Incall Only.

    The Online Initiation

    I am highly selective of whom I will meet in person. To vastly improve your odds of being chosen, it’s best for us to connect via phone first. Perhaps after that, I’ll find you worthy of a video call. Only the most devoted get to serve me in person. If you want to make the most favorable first impression, this is how you do it.

    > Introductory phone session
    30 mins for $100

    Are you a BDSM beginner? For something a bit more tame, start with my Bound in Bliss session or explore Priestess Ava’s Tantric offerings!

    ADVANCED SUBMISSIVES, please inquire about my Shopping Sub, Public Humiliation Excursions, and Nature Rituals.

    Not quite ready to submit in-person yet? Request a phone or Skype session, or see if I’m online right now at Niteflirt.

    Let go of control and accept the gift of divine domination.

    Priestess Ava's Passions & Proclivities

    DYNAMICS ~ Priestess/devotee, Kinky Life Coach/obedient client, Succubus Witch/mindfucked simp, Handler/pet, Teacher/student

    ACTIVITIES ~ spiritual feminization and Priestess training for sissies, domestic & financial service, Goddess worship, body worship, hair worship, foot worship, “forced” or erotically encouraged bi, cuckold, SPH, anti-systemic racism race play, hypnosis & guided meditation, magical & ruby rituals, intox & sorcery fantasy, GS, wax, exquisite tease and denial torture, CBT, tickling, human furniture training, smoking fetish (not tobacco), absurd & improvisational fantasy role play, multi-person scenes with complex hierarchical dynamics, impact play and moderate degradation or humiliation in service to healing and growth

    IMPLEMENTS ~ floggers, paddles, fur, metal, strap-on, hitachi, cuffs & collars, spreader bar, chastity devices, sensory deprivation, unconventional objects for sensation play

    HARD LIMITS ~ subbing or switching, ABDL, coprophilia, eproctophilia & emetophilia (Google is your friend.)

    ADORNMENT & SACRED OBJECTS ~ burgundy and green velvet gowns, capes and robes, Priestess crown, gold metal, latex and lingerie, magic wand, candles, ritual bell, tuning forks & shruti box

    What are you waiting for, sub? You must take initiative to be rewarded with my magic. Submit a booking form and schedule with my assistant. You are ALMOST mine.

    I'm Ready to Request a Session

    Domination Duos & Trios

    Dependent on your desires, I have several epic friends that I offer domination duo or trio sessions with. Sir Javier is available with me in the San Francisco Bay Area & Nashville on select dates.  Mxstress Citrine is available with me in the San Francisco Bay Area & Denver on select dates.

    Priestess Ava's Travel Schedule


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    Etiquette & FAQ

    Screening, deposit, and intake form required for all new friends.

    -NO TEXTING. I book exclusively via booking form and email. Should you require a consultation call to plan your session or determine our compatibility, they are $50/per 20 mins. I’m a lover of language, so a well-written, polite introduction that demonstrates you understand your place goes a long way.

    -WHO SHOULD NOT SEE ME? Stoic, dead fish. I enjoy people who express their pleasure freely and loudly, as it increases mine, which in turn, increases yours. See how that works? Switch hitters, who can’t control their desire to top from the bottom or need every second scripted also need not apply. While I can get off on the unique creativity and novelty of your specific fetish or fantasy (especially if it is a first time experience for you or me), if you are so focused on an activity that you are unable to properly honor me in one of the dominant dynamics I described above, we will not be a good fit.

    -WHO SHOULD SEE ME? Men, women, trans & gender fluid individuals, couples & triads of all races who are open-hearted, curious, kinky and ready to surrender control.

    -CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations within 48 hrs of session, require a 50% fee, begging for forgiveness, and swift rescheduling.

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