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    A Taste of Neo Tantra

    Neo Tantra is a practice, much like yoga is. It is not something I can “do to you.” While this session includes sensual massage, it also requires 30 mins of learning about how to use breath, sound, and energy to work toward full-body and sacred spot orgasms, as well as ejaculatory mastery and deeper intimacy.

    If you are a true seeker, this is the session you’ve been searching for. After we discuss the foundational practices of Neo Tantra and how they relate to your specific goals, we will drop into a very slow and sensual practice together. 

    I always begin with a tuning fork sound healing to relax the nervous system, hands-on guided meditation to focus the mind, and essential oils to awaken the senses. From there, I use both firm and delicate touch to bring you to new thresholds of deep meditative bliss and explosive pleasure. 

    While some associate Neo Tantra with a more erotic massage with some guarantee of being able to please me, I assure you that is not appropriate for beginner or even intermediate students. Learning how to become fully present to your sexual energy and direct it intentionally are best done when you are focused on your body, not mine. That being said, I’ve never had any complaints about my sessions not being sexy enough. In fact, it is very common that people have the most profound sexual experience of their lives in my sessions. 

    While I can’t cover all of these topics in just one session, some of the most common reasons people seek me out are: unlocking the mysteries of Neo and Classical Tantra, full-body orgasms, prostate massage, increasing happiness and vitality, learning how to last longer or become more sensual, overcoming sexual shame and fear of intimacy, and awakening or deepening their spiritual practice.

    • 2 hr – $1000
    • 3 hr – $1400

    Bound in Bliss

    While Neo Tantra emphasizes the meditative aspects of sensuality, Kink and BDSM evoke the erotic mind and its latent desires, fetishes, fears and taboos. What they have in common are surrender, sensation and presence. This session is an introduction to sensation and impact play, as well as light bondage and domination.

    Before we begin, we’ll discuss your desires and limits, including if you wish to experience pain or any nurturing, strict, or seductive verbal domination. I’ll then blindfold you and bind you to my massage table with furry cuffs. Next, comes a vast array of sensations from my hands, tools and toys. Give up control and let bliss take over. You won’t regret it. 

    If you are already experienced in BDSM and seek more intense physical or psychological domination or roleplay, please visit PriestessAva.com. You can also get a sense of my domination style by listening to my erotic audio products.

    • 2 hr – $1000

    Neo Tantra Initiation Packages

    These more in depth in-person and online sessions are my favorite way to introduce people to Neo & Classical Tantra. By committing to a deeper journey with me, you’ll get a comprehensive understanding of how these paths can radically improve all aspects of your life and help you heal from past traumas and challenges with your sexuality and relationships.

    I’ve found that some people do best with meeting on phone or video first to ease their way into the practices, while others excel more in the one day in-person intensive format. The spaciousness of these packages allows me to better address complex issues you may bring to the table in regard to trauma, mental health, sexual challenges, or relationship struggles.

    It also allows for me to share more wisdom from Classical Tantra and create beautiful rituals and holistic healing experiences. Oftentimes, I also include guidance on how to improve your communication skills so you can feel more authentically expressed and finally rid yourself of any sexual shame or self esteem issues.

    In-Person Neo Tantra Initiation Ritual $2000 – An unrushed, intentional day together

    • 1 hr of conversation so we can get to know each other (can be over a meal or tea, if desired)
    • 1 hr of Neo & Classical Tantra teachings and coaching
    • 1 hr of subtle energy work, guided meditation and belly 2 belly practice to get deeply relaxed
    • 2 hr hands-on sensual Neo Tantric initiation ritual, to welcome you fully into this path


    In-Person & Online Combination Initiation $1800 – A month-long journey of discovery

    • Three 1 hr Zoom sessions (The first session will be purely coaching, the second and third will include sensual guided meditations and self-pleasuring practices. You’ll have homework after each session, and access to the call recordings.)
    • One 3hr in-person initiation ritual 
    • One 1hr Zoom follow-up coaching call 

    Outcalls available at select upscale hotels and residences. I generally book one to two weeks in advance.

    Curious about exploring your submissive side? Join Ava in exploring BDSM, kink, role play and more! And don’t miss The Ultimate Dom Duo of pansexual Ava & Javier, the perfect combination of masculine and feminine energy for your kinky needs. Visit PriestessAva.com for more info.

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