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    I know that I am whole and I must continue to nurture myself first and with infinite love and patience.

    I am love.

    I am here to ground higher frequencies and dimensions into this now.

    I witnessed my ego create spiritual hierarchy. I saw that I became too attached to small ideas.

    I remember now, that I can listen with expansive awareness.  I can listen far beyond the filter of my ego. This listening is complete compassion. When I embrace it, I surrender into embodying a frequency of love so clear, that its message radiates to others without a single word.

    I am love. He is love. There is no separate self.

    If you listen to your higher self, there is no misunderstanding the beloved. The beloved, in any physical form, is your most magnanimous reflection… bright, complex and strong… dark, simple and fragile.

    The journey started the second I spoke my truth. And my truth has lead me to this perfectly imperfect moment. I can handle anything if I nurture and radiate my truth and listen deeply to my higher self, the Earth, the universe and my beloved mirrors friends, family, lovers.

    I exist beyond the limits that my ego strives to chain me to.

    My purpose is to help and heal, and that always begins with helping and healing myself.

    I remembered his boundless capacity for love, his dreams, his purpose… our purpose. We aren’t here to put limits on one another or project our stories in a way which honors their falseness.  By coming together as complete cosmic entities and melting into wholeness this is how we help each other grow both as individuals and in relationship.

    We express things very differently. It’s hard to hear emotions in a foreign tongue. Stop mourning the fact that the accent isn’t quite right it was never meant to be.  This shift in the cosmos this miraculous difference between each individual’s communication and symbolic pattern is what drives our capacity and curiosity for compassion.

    To see yourself in another is an amazing gift, but the initial reflection is only part of the picture. After you’ve sorted out whose projections are whose and learned how to translate your lover’s language, SHATTER the mirror. Everything you’ve learned is false because you now exist in a brand new moment.

    We must continually allow for the other and the self to be brand new in every moment. No past, no future, just now.

    To see each other as fresh seeds, empty vessels, able to make new choices instantaneously this is such a blessing. Anything less is unacceptable.

    I will be in a place of YES.

    Resistance does not serve me, taking care of myself does.

    I am ready to fully connect with this Earth, this body and live my purpose now.

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