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    Foot Fetish Curiosity

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    Do you offer foot fetish sessions? I’ve probably gotten this question a hundred times. I’m not sure if this is the norm for all tantric practitioners, or just because I have exceptionally cute feet. Haha. For quite a while, I didn’t offer them, but more recently I’ve began to explore the foot fetish world.

    I do love my feet rubbed and adored. I think it’s a really sweet experience for someone to offer.  In the culture that Tantra comes from, honoring someone’s feet, especially those of a teacher is seen as a divine offering. In this beautiful act of reverence, one humbles themselves and receives a direct energetic transmission from their teacher.

    I’ve also realized I do love the sensation of sliding my feet all over another’s body. As with any fetish, I love to learn when and how you discovered it. Fair warning, however, if high heels are your thing, you’re going to have to provide them. I am a California girl who lives in sandals. My shoe size is 7.5.

    If you would like to explore your foot fetish with me, please book which ever one of my sessions you prefer and just let me know you’d like to incorporate that.  I love to begin these sessions by receiving a foot bath and foot massage from you before we begin. You can add this 30 min treat to any session for $100.  Sounds fun doesn’t it? Finally these cute feet might get some proper loving.

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