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    Floating in Perfection

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    What do perfection and happiness mean to you? Someone asked me this question recently… .

    A golden chain tethers my root solidly to the center of the earth. Feet hover just a few inches from the divine dust. Arms are stretched outward and upward, gently assisting the luminescent clouds floating by.

    One passes by, weeping with radiant white beauty. It is so mesmerizing that you want to hug it with your whole being and crush it with your heart, envelope it in your breath… but you see it writhe as your touch becomes too firm… even wince at you as you grasp at it greedily. Another approach. “Can I travel with you for a bit? Is there room for me on this journey?” Holding it now in gentle agreement, the cottony softness caresses your cheek. But, only for so long… .

    A golden chain tethers your root solidly to the center of the earth. As the slack tightens, you know that it is time to let go and wish the cumulus bliss well, releasing it so others can bask in its love, inviting it to return again, unsullied by human attachment.

    Then, the dark one. The mean one that shoulder-checks you like a drunk frat boy or zaps feverishly at your ankles with electric tentacles craving with all its might to detach you from your divine thread and carry you in its stormy overbearing seduction forever. Its power is dark and intoxicating, whispering that it will do all the work: why be tethered to a world of undulating uncertainty? Darkness can comfort you, it holds the same power as the perfect bliss you just let float away. Darkness shields you from all those earthly annoyances… ignorant disregard… foolish ambition… blind hate. Loneliness is a small price to pay for that kind of freedom… right?

    The dark one’s presence is threatening. You remember that it seeks to narrow your choices until the only choice you prefer is its steaming black solitude. So, you let it go with a decisive flick of the wrist and send it on its way.

    You are free again, feet hovering a few inches from the divine dust, root tethered firmly to the earth, feeling the power facilitating your own wholeness as your awareness grows to encapsulate every cloud that the horizon holds.

    It is enough. It is plenty.

    But, who are we kidding, you’re not enlightened yet… so the time will come again and again when the enormous wavering white projection screen the mirror of your whole being has a message for you. Gaze at its loving reflection with a beginner’s mind. Ride with it for as long as it takes to learn the lesson. Grab ahold of your golden thread, jingle it just a bit to check its firm connection to the root of infinite liberation… and sigh out a tone of relief and comfort, knowing that you are connected to everything and nothing at the same time floating, just a few inches above the divine dust, root tied by solid, shimmering gold, to the center of the earth.

    This is what perfection and happiness mean to me.

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