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    Tantric Awareness FAQ

    • What can I expect to happen in a session?

      Magic. Connection. Liberating bliss. I work very intuitively; each session is a unique piece of art. Other than what is described in my offerings, I don’t guarantee any specific acts or levels of intimacy. I expect trust in my expertise and our unique connection to lead the way. The depth of our intimacy depends on many factors, most significantly, how well you take direction and engage in the techniques I teach.  Do I offer goddess worship or foot fetish sessions? Probably not in the way you are thinking of them, please read my blog for more information on that.  I am a genuine Tantra teacher. I am not using fuzzy language or terms to convey extras. Though my expertise can radically improve your sex life, sex is simply not offered.

    • Do you take credit cards or crypto currencies?

      Now accepting all major credit cards, bitcoin and all ethereum-based crypto currencies. Once your session has been scheduled, I will send you a link for payment. Payment must be sent before arrival. Cash is preferred, however. Please be aware that many ATM machines have a $300-400 withdrawal limit, so you may need to plan ahead or go into the bank to be prepared for our session.

    • Who should come see you?

      Men, women and couples who are interested in personal growth, and are curious about how to use their minds and bodies to create profound shifts in their lives –  both inside and outside of the bedroom. I work with students of all levels, but genuine curiosity is my one prerequisite. I also appreciate your willingness to try new things, even if they are a bit scary or embarrassing. Tantra really begins with the breath, so stop now, prepare to take a big inhale through your nose and let out a huge sigh with your exhale. Close your eyes, and try it now. Didn’t that feel nice? Imagine if we started to link that with your sexual energy… .

    • Who should NOT come to see you?

      If you are seeking someone to fulfill your fantasies or take demands, we are not a good match. While there is nothing wrong with desiring that thing that “gets you off,” I’m not interested in continuing whatever current sexual habit you are in. If you’ve come to me, it’s because you are interested in exploring the full spectrum of sensuality or you are specifically interested in Tantra. The first step to this is being able to drop your “go-to” pattern, image, or fantasy for a few hours and reach into the unknown for something even more amazing. If you need someone to say what you want to hear and do what you want to do, we aren’t a good fit. There are plenty of providers who love to do that and I’d be happy to recommend one. I appreciate those who trust my expertise in leading them in an unforgettable experience.

    • How do you teach Tantra?

      I’m a highly trained and thoughtful teacher with a master’s degree in education.  I’ve developed a way to keep things very sensual, while gently guiding you through the practices you need to become an amazing conscious lover with unlimited ecstatic potential in all aspects of your life.

      Tantra is a vast system, and I don’t pretend to be able to teach it to you all in an hour or two, but I pride myself on being able to tune in to exactly what you need, whether you were aware of it or not. In comparison to other Tantra teachers, I find that I’m more on the practical, down-to-earth side. I focus on connection and technique, rather than magical thinking or spiritual dogma. I can’t always explain the miracles that happen in session, and I’m okay with that. I’m in awe of the mystery and I am amazed by the energy in us all.

    • What’s the difference between you and other practitioners?

      There is nothing fake about me, no pretending. I use tantric techniques to cultivate an authentic, sensual connection with each one of my seekers. I’m known for my ability to find our common thread and lead us in building spine-tingling chemistry and incredible sexy and energetic “firsts.” I’m not a fitness model, but I’m 100% in love with my curves and ecstatically comfortable in my skin. I’m compassionate, nurturing, playful and a very clear communicator. I will introduce you to both the sensual and philosophical tantric practices in a very practical, down-to-earth way. People often comment on how comfortable they feel with me within just the first few minutes of our meeting.

    • How do I book a session?

      The best way to book a session is to call me or submit a booking form. I DO NOT text, unless we’ve already met or spoken on the phone. I appreciate seekers who take the time to read my website, respectfully introduce themselves and schedule in advance. To expedite scheduling, please fill out a booking form. I rarely do out-calls, with the exception being upscale hotels for an additional fee of $150 and at least 24hr notice.

    • How do I prepare?

      At a minimum, please arrive on time (NOT early) to your session. There is no need to shower before because you will do that here. Please do not wear cologne or heavily scented products. Drink a lot of water and don’t eat a heavy meal or consume any alcohol or drugs before we meet. If you are running late, please be sure to text and do not expect that your session can be extended. Bring an open heart and mind and be ready to follow my lead. Have your donation ready in an envelope and place it on my altar before we begin.

      The longer answer is: treat this session like the true gift it is. Allow enough time before and after in your schedule not to rush, so you can truly savor the experience. Think about your intention: What do you want to learn or experience in the session? What emotions or sensations would you like to embody by the end of our time together?

    • What about gratuities?

      Gratuities are truly appreciated but not required. If you’d like to pay tribute in another way, I enjoy flowers, naturally scented soy candles, organic berries, dark chocolate, champagne, and pinot noir. Amazon and Whole Foods gift certificates are another great way to support my favorite obsessions: green juice and Tantra books! And please check out my online wish list for my favorite naughty desires. 

    • What if I need to cancel?

      I understand circumstances do arise that require rescheduling. Please realize that once I book your appointment, I’m turning down other seekers who want that time frame. All cancellations made with less than 24 hrs notice in Nashville, require $100 fee via credit card.  All cancellations made with less than 24 hrs notice in any other city require half the session fee via credit card, $100 if at least one week notice is given. Please respect my time, as I respect your yours. Your privacy and patronage are deeply appreciated

    • Do you have any reviews? Can I leave you a review?

      I love to receive feedback on my sessions privately. I do not feel comfortable with public review boards. I am very discrete and like to honor the magic that happens in each unique session. I’d never want to see a play-by-play printed publicly and kindly request that your refrain from doing so. On occasion, clients and friends have offered to write testimonials and I proudly post them here. If you are skeptical, I can put you in touch personally with anyone who has posted a review. 

      Share your experience – write your testimonial here.

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    Curious about me? Let's connect on the phone or chat right now.  Don't keep your Priestess waiting...
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