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Double Goddess Tantra & BDSM

4-Handed Sensual Massage, Kink & Fetish

    Ms. SirenLove 4-Hand Tantra & BDSM sessions: San Diego, LA & Nashville

    Our tantric DOUBLE domination simply cannot be missed. . . * ROLE PLAY * IMPACT PLAY * STRAP * FETISH * SENSUAL SADISM * EROTIC DOMINATION

    Double-Goddess Tantric Touch

    Immerse into 4-handed tantric massage bliss. You’ll be lovingly caressed by 2 Goddesses while guided in basic tantric practices such as breath, sound and body awareness. This is where the journey to long-lasting, full-body orgasms begins. Sacred spot massage is optional. Longer sessions are highly encouraged!

    • 1hr – $650
    • 90min – $900
    • 2 hr  – $1200
    Double-Goddess Sensual Strap

    For some men, deeper internal sensation is the only way to unlock their full ecstatic potential. Our sensual approach to strap-on play will be like nothing you’ve experienced. Imagine being held and caressed by 1 Goddess and entered by another… the ultimate in luxurious sensuality.

    • 1hr – $900
    • 90min – $1200
    • 2hr – $1400
    Double-Goddess Bound in Bliss

    We’ll blindfold and bind you, while pleasuring you with an erotic array of sensations–feathers, nails, impact, with nuance, suspense, and surprise. Let’s find your sweet spot between pleasure and pain. Surrender to your darker desires with 4 hands leading the way to ecstatically kinky bliss. To include strap, add $150. 

    • 1hr – $750
    • 90min – $900
    • 2hr – $1300

    Inquire for more intense Double Domme sessions. We can also add a male Dom to the mix! Fees vary.

    The Ultimate Duo: Ava & Rachael. Deep sensuality and kinky delights. We can't wait to edge you into erotic bliss. In Philadelphia only.

    Tantra meets Edging meets Sensual Domination. I offer duos with the incomparable Rachael Richards in Philadelphia.  Rachel is a sultry practitioner with years of experience in exquisite touch and BDSM. She absolutely loves edging on her custom milking table. We are so excited to combine our talents with these unique offerings. Sign up for my newsletter for updates on Philly tour!

    The Ultimate Tantric Edge

    Forget the world and fall into an erotic trance for an hour, or 2! With 4 hands and 2 passionate women leading you into pleasure and ecstasy, you’ll guided in basic tantric practices such as breath, sound and body awareness. We’ll take you over the edge and back over, and over, and over…Can include prostate touch.

    • 90 mins $1000
    • 2 hrs $1300

    Bound in 4-Handed Bliss

    A unique mix of kink/BDSM and bodywork (bondassage). We’ll bind you (blindfold optional), while pleasuring you with an erotic array of sensations. Together, we’ll explore your desires for surrender. This is a great escape from the outside world, with two women in charge. Relax and let 2 kinky women take the reigns for a while…Can include prostate and double strap play.

    • 90 mins $1100
    • 2 hr $1500

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