Priestess Ava & Sir Javier

Domination Duo & 4-Hand Tantra Sessions
    ~ Receive the perfect balance of masculine and feminine attention ~

    Experience exquisite 4-handed sensual massage with Priestess Ava & Sir Javier

    One of the most transformative practices in NeoTantra is to explore one’s psychological and sexual edges

    Experience the union of Shiva and Shakti

    Run with your curiosity and through your fear, toward an experience that is both exciting and a bit scary. When you do this skillfully, and push into the unknown safely, freedom and pleasure blossom. Growth is inevitable.

    It is best to be led through these edges by professionals, and even more so, with a couple holding you in a union of both masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) energy. This 3-way connection creates a feedback loop, a multi-faceted reflection for you to meet your most ecstatic self and dissolve burdensome shadows.

    With this, I’m so pleased to introduce Javier. Javier is one of the most talented bodyworkers I’ve ever met. He’s got a heart of gold and loves helping people expand their pleasure. We offer 4-handed Tantric Massage, Bound in Bliss, and Sensual Strap sessions for men, women and couples. We also specialize in “forced” or, as we prefer to call it “highly-eroticially-encourage” bisexual BDSM and fetish sessions. If you are a bi-curious man, crossdresser or sissy, we’d love to help you explore your fantasies! Ram’s hands are magic, his gaze soulful and he’s deeply honoring of both male and female clients of any sexual orientation or gender identity.

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    Why book a session with Priestess Ava & Sir Javier?

    • You are a pleasure-seeker who understands that more hands on your body is better! Two are strong, two are delicate, and they are all just for you.
    • If you are a sensual massage connoisseur, this is not to be missed. Javier and Ava flow together seamlessly in service to your pleasure, healing and growth.
    • You are curious about 3-way connecting or are bi-curious, bisexual, bi-sensual, crossdresser, trans, trans-curious or just fucking curious!
    • You are intrigued by the deep surrender required by sensation, impact, power play or role play. You desire to be dominated by a man and woman at the same time.
    • You have experienced trauma that may be best addressed by a therapeutic Tantra session where both a man and women are present and engaging with you at your comfort level.
    • Maybe you are a man who is curious about masculine touch and connection. There’s no safer way to explore than with a woman holding you as well. Maybe you are a woman who has never felt the beauty of a feminine caress, but want a male present too?
    • Perhaps you are a woman who has struggled to locate a trustworthy male Tantra teacher and would find the added presence of a woman comforting.
    • You are ready for a profoundly erotic experience or a tantric awakening of the mind, body and spirit. Everyone should experience what it’s like to have two people completely focused on their pleasure at least once! Time to check this off your bucket list!

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