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    Coaching Options

    Ava Ananda is a highly effective life, relationship and sex coach who specializes in helping people de-compartmentalize their lives, reveal their authentic selves and master compassionate communication. Coaching is highly recommended for those who want to accomplish ANY of the following:

    • Experience more intimacy and authenticity.
    • Increase self-awareness (including the uniqueness of your sexuality).
    • Enhance relationships (intimacy, communication, sexuality).
    • Explore non-monogamy and other alternative forms of relationships.
    • Learn tantric philosophy and practices.
    • Gain self-awareness and feel more empowered.
    • Experiment with the full authentic range of your sexual orientation and gender identity.
    • Cultivate sexual energy to fuel personal goals and projects.
    • Improve sexual performance issues (ED, PE, pain during sex, porn addiction).
    • Heal depression and anxiety.

    Hands-on Healing & Online Coaching Combination Packages*

    While so much magic can occur when bodies consciously meet, there is also a lot for the mind to absorb when learning Tantra. I find my most extraordinary results come from the combination of working with someone both in-person and via Skype or phone. These packages are designed for those who want to lay a foundation for our in-person work before we meet or can enhance your experience after our physical time together.

    On our Skype calls, we will relax with guided meditation and then through deep coaching weave all the threads of Tantra with your day-to-day experiences. I remain clothed during all Skype sessions.

    • One (1) 2hr hands-on session & One 2hr Skype/phone session – $825
    • Three (3) 2hr hands-on sessions & Three 2hr Skype/phone sessions – $2500
    • Five (5) 2hr hands-on sessions & Five 2hr Skype/phone sessions – $3990

    *For individuals, only. If you are couple wanting a hands-on/online combo, please visit the couples page, or see below for online coaching options.

    Online Coaching & In-Person Coaching

    Same prices for individuals & couples.


    One session (90mins – 2hrs)  – $250
    Would you like to have an in-depth talk about the struggles you are facing and experience how tantric coaching can help? This is a 1-time only opportunity to have a one-off session, as I generally only work with people who commit to packages. Coaching is a process, but sometimes 2hrs of pure presence is all that is needed to spark transformation. While the cost of this session is fixed, the time range is based on your capacity and availability. I find one hour to be too short for optimal results and appreciate being able to find a natural ending to our session somewhere between 90 minutes and 2 hours.  I remain clothed for these sessions. Depending on the type of meditation we do, you may disrobe. However, often times it makes more sense for you to remain clothed for your first few sessions.


    2hr-Skype/phone sessions
    Package of 3 – $690
    Package of 5 – $990


    1 full day, in-person session (8am – 8pm) – $1500

    1 Weekend, in-person session – $2500
    A 2hr-Friday-evening meeting and 2 full days of coaching.


    3 months – 1 year
    By invitation or referral only. This is the key to true, lasting transformation. We will craft a program together that meets your needs and catapults you into new and sustainable levels of awareness, authenticity, and intimacy.


    Ava has enabled me to peel and neutralize layers of unproven assumptions about myself, surroundings, and career. In a short time, Ava’s poignant and gentle insight has proven far more valuable than traditional therapy ever has.

    -Tosha S.

    When I have felt like no one else could possibly accept me in my pain, Ava always knew how to meet me with big compassion and often some really good jokes that cut through the heaviness. She isn’t afraid of the nitty gritty of human life, and she delights in supporting others to be curious and accepting, and increasingly aware of their wounding patterns, kinks, fears and desires.


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    Curious about me? Let's connect on the phone or chat right now.  Don't keep your Priestess waiting...
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