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    Changes at Tantric Awareness

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    Name changes are fairly common in spiritual communities. Sometimes a new name is bestowed by a teacher, other times it comes to one through a potent meditation. My name Ava Ananda represents a new chapter in my life’s a purpose. A ripening into my full bliss and wisdom as well as strengthened commitment to sharing my gifts with the world on an even bigger scale.

    Ava Ananda means “truly or innately blissful.” And this isn’t just your ordinary “oh-my-god-this-cake-is-delicious” type bliss. This is pure joy, love and ecstasy combined. It is the source of all creative impulse, the embodiment of delight. I strive to live this each day and hope that the overflow saturates my students’ lives as well.

    Those of you who have followed my journey for years know that things haven’t always been blissful. In fact, the very nature of my tantric path often has my hurling myself towards things that terrify me or yearning to feel the depth of every emotion, even sorrow. I still welcome it all. The full spectrum of the human experience is not something I want to shortcut by only chasing the light. However, it also seems high time to really enjoy how much love and wisdom is pulsating in my body.

    With immense gratitude in my heart, I thank you for reading this, for sharing even slightly in this amazing journey with me. This year I will be spending time in Nashville, DC, Bali, California, and Boston to name a few! I’ll be offering more events and classes in addition to my one-on-one work. Most excitingly, I’ll be gearing up to write my first book. I can’t wait to share it with you!

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