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    Foot Fetish Curiosity
    500 334 Ava Ananda

    Do you offer foot fetish sessions? I’ve probably gotten this question a hundred times. I’m not sure if this is the norm for all tantric practitioners, or just because I…

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    Do you offer Goddess Worship?
    1024 700 Ava Ananda

    One of the most common questions that female Tantra practitioners get is: Do you offer Goddess Worship?  Hmmm….what exactly does this mean? My sister Ajna’s clever response is: Goddess worship…

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    The Ultimate Tantric Package: New Offering for Couples
    406 270 Ava Ananda

    After working with hundreds of couples, I’ve found that this formula works best. Each individual comes in for their own 2hr session, then unite for a 2hr couples’ session. This…

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    Changes at Tantric Awareness
    400 250 Ava Ananda

    Name changes are fairly common in spiritual communities. Sometimes a new name is bestowed by a teacher, other times it comes to one through a potent meditation. My name Ava…

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    600 376 Ava Ananda

    Something springs forth… it wants out of me. A raw desire to let trails of tears and tantrums of laughter mix and flow in divine alchemy and transform into something…

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    Tantrika Salsera
    400 355 Ava Ananda

    For many of you, it won’t take much convincing to prove my thesis:  Salsa dancing is Tantric. Duh, everything’s Tantric (especially dancing, silly!). But no, really it is… so let…

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    834 523 Ava Ananda

    A radiant soul in the body of a beautiful man… in the spirit of pure consciousness – my lord, Shiva. You caress my higher self with grace, ease and power.…

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