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    Sacred Sexuality

    Tantra and Luxurious Sensual Indulgence
    1024 690 Ava Ananda

    For many people Tantra has become a term that denotes hedonism, sex, and obscene amounts of eye gazing. And while tantric techniques do help a man last much longer and…

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    Foot Fetish Curiosity
    500 334 Ava Ananda

    Do you offer foot fetish sessions? I’ve probably gotten this question a hundred times. I’m not sure if this is the norm for all tantric practitioners, or just because I…

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    The Ultimate Tantric Package: New Offering for Couples
    406 270 Ava Ananda

    After working with hundreds of couples, I’ve found that this formula works best. Each individual comes in for their own 2hr session, then unite for a 2hr couples’ session. This…

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    Tantra Palooza 2010
    600 376 Ava Ananda

    This blog is the beautiful story of my rebirth – the remembrance of who I am. The name I embrace, isn’t by chance… Ava Ananda is me… divine, whole, she who…

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