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    Classical Tantra

    Tantra and Luxurious Sensual Indulgence
    1024 690 Ava Ananda

    For many people Tantra has become a term that denotes hedonism, sex, and obscene amounts of eye gazing. And while tantric techniques do help a man last much longer and…

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    Do you offer Goddess Worship?
    1024 700 Ava Ananda

    One of the most common questions that female Tantra practitioners get is: Do you offer Goddess Worship?  Hmmm….what exactly does this mean? My sister Ajna’s clever response is: Goddess worship…

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    200 198 Ava Ananda

    I felt this passage so deeply… couldn’t help but share it: “Padmasambhava came from Odiyana, a neighboring kingdom of Kashmir and brought the transmission of Mahamudra to Tibet in the…

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