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    Are you ready to experience the best sensual massage in San Diego?

    Let me pamper your whole body with a sensual massage experience to remember in San Diego. I provide unparalleled erotic bodywork, Tantra lessons, as well as kink, BDSM and fetish experiences.

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    Come experience the best sensual massage in San Diego with Ava

    Just imagine slow, sensual touch with a sexy finale...

    I use only the best oils and lotions. My San Diego sensual massage home office is immaculate and inviting, with candles and soothing music. I have everything you need to relax and enjoy the best sensual massage experience possible. I work with men, women, the gender-fluid and couples. Plenty of people come to me for their first sensual massage, which is such an honor.

    If you’ve never had a sensual massage before, don’t let your nerves get the best of you. We all deserve pleasure. Exploring the erotic side of life is so healthy! There is nothing to be ashamed of. My San Diego clients often comment on how I immediately put them at ease. As soon as the sensual touch begins, all nervousness disappears. Still have doubts? Check out my glowing testimonials

    Think you are too busy for sensual massage in San Diego? Think again, I have early morning and evening hours and a shower you can use before or after your session. Just stop by on your way to or from the office for some pampering, rejuvenation, and sensual massage indulgence. I’m centrally located, right off Hwy 8 in San Diego.

    Ava's most popular sensual massage offerings in San Diego

    Tantric Touch

    This is the nurturing, body-to-body sensual touch you’ve been craving. Let the stress melt away and reach new thresholds of pleasure. With an emphasis on waking up your whole being, you will be lovingly caressed while gently guided in basic tantric practices such as breath, sound and body awareness.

    1 hr – $275
    90 min – $375
    2 hr – $500

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    Erotic Massage

    Do you like to ride the edge? Enjoy dirty talk? Perhaps some spankings? I’ll get you fired up with body to body bliss that will leave you begging for more. Let me stimulate your mind and body with a spicy sensual massage. For returning clients and those with prior tantric or kink experience only.

    1 hr – $350
    90 min – $400

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    Sensual Strap

    The ability to fully receive is the most common block standing between men and their mastery of Tantra. For some men, deeper internal sensation is the only way to unlock their full ecstatic potential. My sensual approach to strap-on play will be like nothing you’ve experienced, as I perform it with the utmost reverence for the vulnerability it requires.

    1 hr – $400
    90 min – $500
    2 hr – $700

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    Sensual Massage is for everyone! Great for your mind, body and spirit.

    There are many things to explore in the realm of sensual massage. Many people rush through their intimate encounters without learning how to receive conscious touch. This is your chance to experience the foreplay of your dreams. 

    I work in an intuitive manner to address not only muscle aches, but to relax the nervous system completely. The trick is not to rush into arousal, but to slowly cultivate and enhance it. When done correctly, you can feel long-lasting orgasmic energy throughout your entire body.

    I use tantric techniques to spread pleasure throughout your whole body. Imagine long, luscious strokes. My silky skin against yours. My sensual massage will leave you pulsating with pleasure all day long.

    For an even more ecstatic sensual massage, you can book a 4-handed session. I offer Double Goddess sessions with several women.

    San Diego sensual massage artist lounging in satin lingerie on a leather couch.
    San Diego sensual massage artist Ava Ananda in red, lacy lingerie holding beads.

    Why is this the best sensual massage in San Diego?

    Sensual massage is not only blissful, it can also be educational. I’ve studied bodywork and Tantra for ten years. I came to San Diego specifically to help people overcome the challenges they can experience with becoming comfortable and confident in their sexuality.

    Perhaps you’ve had a hard time reaching orgasm or you want to learn how to last longer? Or maybe you’ve been curious about prostate massage or G-spot massage? Trust me, these are not things you want to miss out on in life. After their sensual massage with me, people often tell me they’ve never experienced more pleasure in their whole lives. This is why I can claim that I provide the best sensual massage in San Diego.

    Looking for a little more than a sensual massage?

    Try my BDSM, Bondage, Kink & Dominatrix Sessions

    Do you ever get totally fed up with making all the decisions? It’s hard to be in charge all the time, and while a sensual massage can be relaxing, it may not give you the complete “let go” you are seeking.

    Let me take the reigns. I can do this with bondage, impact play or role play. I’m a sensual domme with a supremely sadistic side. Depending on your preferences, I can inflict physical or emotional pain. Or if pain isn’t your thing, perhaps there’s a role play, fantasy or fetish that would excite you?

    I’m very skilled in all of these realms and I love to teach. You don’t have to be experienced in these things to meet with me, I’ll gladly guide you! So whether you are seeking sensual massage or a BDSM experience in San Diego, I can help! Book now, and find out for yourself.

    San Diego's Best BDSM, kink and fetish offerings

    Bound in Bliss

    Surrender is the most challenging practice in Tantra. Let’s spice it up and make it easier at the same time! I’ll blindfold and bind you, while pleasuring you with an erotic array of heightened sensations and full-body sensual massage. Give up control and let bliss take over. You won’t regret it.

    1 hr – $350
    90 min – $450
    2 hr – $600

    *To include strap play, add $150.

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    Erotic Domination

    As kinky as it gets, with a grand finale to remember. Let’s explore your fetish-filled fantasies and break out the massage oil as well. My specialties include: CBT, heavy flogging, sissification, hypnosis, findom, creative role play, prostrate milking, spanking, edging, tease & denial, strap play, and Goddess worship (hands, feet and ass only).

        • 1hr – $450
        • 90min – $600
        • 2 hr – $750

    *To include strap play, add $150.

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    Sensual Sadism

    Even the sweetest tantric kittens have a dark side. I love to keep you on your toes with my unique flavor of domination that is both sweet and sensual, and…when you least expect it: profoundly sadistic. This is more of a classic BDSM experience. I will not be nude. There is no intimate massage or strap play. You must enjoy role play, bondage, pain and/or humiliation for this experience. Tell me your fantasies…

          • 1 hr – $350
          • 90 min – $450
          • 2 hr – $650

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