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    I'm Priestess Ava: NeoTantra Teacher & Sensual Domme

    I use tantric techniques and kinky creativity to cultivate an authentic, sensual connection with each one of my seekers. I’m known for my ability to find our common thread – to lead us into building spine-tingling chemistry and incredibly sexy, energetic firsts.

    Oakland | San Francisco | San Jose | San Diego | Nashville | Austin Online Coaching | Private Retreats Worldwide

    Tantra Massage:
    A Sensual Healing Experience…

    It’s really hard to articulate how much the sessions opened me up and quenched my long unrealized hunger for a fiery, focused and flowing love – an authentic and timeless love – a slow, delicious, warm, wet love.  -Adam

    Is Tantra Right for You?

    NeoTantra may not be what you think it is. It’s not all about tantra massage, sex or specific sex acts. It is a way of living that happens to have the added bonus of enhancing how you experience and participate in sex. It will also enhance the way you experience and participate in life. NeoTantra is for men, women and couples who are interested in personal growth and are curious about how to use their minds and bodies to create profound shifts in their lives – both inside and outside the bedroom.

    Discover if Tantra Is Right for You

    Pleasure So Intense, It's Life Changing

    NeoTantra Initiation Ritual

    Read more

    • Two 1hr Zoom Sessions & One 3hr session – $1900

    Therapeutic NeoTantra

    Read more

    • Initial 90 min Zoom Session – $200
    • Three 2hr sessions – $1800
    • Five 2hr sessions – $2800

    Bound in Bliss Intro to Kink

    Surrender is the most challenging practice in NeoTantra. Let’s spice it up and make it easier at the same time! I’ll blindfold and bind you, while pleasuring you with an erotic array of heightened sensations and full-body sensual massage. This session provides an introduction to BDSM and kink. Read more

    • 90min – $500
    • 2hr – $700

    Tantric Touch & Sensual Strap

    These were my two most popular offerings for over 10 years. Rather than retire them completely yet, I offer them as a treat for those who complete my NeoTantra Initiation Ritual or Therapeutic NeoTantra Series, as well as for some select longtime patrons who are now advanced in their practice. …Read more

    • 1hr – $500
    • 90min – $700


    Imagine every cell in your body vibrating at the pace of love. Pure presence, silky skin, the unmistakable mastery of tantric touch… put yourself in the hands of the divine feminine, and you will be transformed.

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    Curious about me? Let's connect on the phone or chat right now.  Don't keep your Priestess waiting...
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