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    I'm Priestess Ava: Neo Tantra Teacher & Sensual Domme

    I use tantric techniques and kinky creativity to cultivate an authentic, sensual connection with each one of my seekers. I’m known for my ability to find our common thread – to lead us into building spine-tingling chemistry and incredibly sexy, energetic firsts.

    With over 10 years of experience, and thousands of sessions, I’ve discovered the most holistic and efficient ways to awaken you to your full pleasure potential. Sensual pleasure and emotional intimacy are your birthright, but so few take the time to learn how to optimize them. Let me help you get out of your own way, shed your sexual shame and learn how to become more sensual, authentic and liberated.

    The practices of Neo and Classical Tantra are vast, and can be confusing for those beginning their exploration. I take great joy in sharing the life-changing wisdom and practices these paths have brought to my life. I offer both in-person and online sessions, coaching, and private retreats worldwide.

    Oakland | San Francisco | Online Coaching | Private Retreats Worldwide

    Neo Tantra:
    A Sensual Healing Experience…

    My knowledge of the tantric approach was limited to what I had read of it. A couple of sessions later, I’m reevaluating my entire concept of the body, intimacy, and sensuality. My first reaction was that it was like being inebriated without the hangover. But it’s deeper than that, it’s truly healing.  -Eddie

    Neo Tantra: Pleasure So Intense, It's Life Changing

    A Taste of Neo Tantra

    Neo Tantra is a practice, much like yoga is. It is not something I can “do to you.” While this session includes sensual massage, it also requires 30 mins of learning about how to use breath, sound, and energy to work toward full body and sacred spot orgasms, as well as ejaculatory mastery and deeper intimacy…Read more

    • 2 hrs – $1000
    • 3 hrs – $1400

    Bound in Bliss Intro to Kink

    While Neo Tantra emphasizes the meditative aspects of sensuality, Kink and BDSM evoke the erotic mind and its latent desires, fetishes, fears and taboos. What they have in common are surrender, sensation and presence. This session is an introduction to sensation and impact play, as well as light bondage and domination…Read more

    • 2hr – $1000

    Neo Tantra Initiation

    These packages of in-person and online sessions are my favorite way to introduce people to Neo & Classical Tantra. By committing to a deeper journey with me, you’ll get a comprehensive understanding of how these paths can radically improve all aspects of your life, and help you heal from past traumas, as well as challenges with your sexuality and relationships…Read more

    • Packages start at $1800

    Is Tantra Right for You?

    Tantra may not be what you think it is. I was very blessed to be introduced to both Neo Tantra and Classical Tantra at the same time. After over 10 years of deep practice and thousands of clients, I have a nuanced understanding of how the two are distinct, where they merge, and how they can complement one another to bring about huge personal growth, both inside and outside of the bedroom.

    Discover if Tantra Is Right for You


    Imagine every cell in your body vibrating at the pace of love. Pure presence, silky skin, the unmistakable mastery of tantric touch… put yourself in the hands of the divine feminine, and you will be transformed.

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    Curious about me? Let's connect on the phone or chat right now.  Don't keep your Priestess waiting...
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