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    We were looking for a practice to deepen our spiritual and physical connection and were really inspired when we came across Ava in our research of Tantra. We are blessed to have a really wonderful partnership and are excited to know how much deeper it can get by bringing Tantra into our lives.Working with her is as if you had known her forever. She has an acute intuition to craft an experience that will be transformative, and really delicious. She was an incredible guide during the couple’s session, leading us from breathing to meditation to being present and how to give and receive.

    Plus she was very good at teaching me as the giving partner how to give pleasure through yoni massage so that we can practice on our own.

    As the receiving partner it was incredibly healing to be in the receptive position for my yoni massage, and to open up to allow myself to take up space and feel an incredible vibration in my body that I have never experienced before.

    It was so liberating to let all expectations and inhibitions go and connect into ourselves and with each other through our breath and sensual touch. It is amazing to feel your senses so alive! We’re grateful to now have these practices that we can incorporate into our daily lives. This has redefined for us our experience of sensual intimacy.

    Fran & Eddy