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    I was fortunate enough to receive a Yoni mapping session from Ava Ananda during the germination of my spiritual journey. From the onset of dipping my toes into the lagoon that is Tantra, I soon found myself diving head first into the ocean of my newfound spirituality. This feat could not have been accomplished without my session with Ava and her ability to guide me through the self doubt and religious static that prevented my inner goddess from bursting through. She created a beautiful, sacred and most of all safe space for me to surrender and allow for exploration of uncharted territory in order to grasp further depths of myself. And in that space I felt. I remembered. I answered. I cried. I loved. I let go. I healed. I connected.

    With Ava’s healing hands and innate sense of self, I couldn’t have asked for a better guide to take me through one of the most important journeys I have taken in my life thus far. I thank her for the being the catalyst to my own truth and inner peace. Most of all, I thank my Yoni, whose functions I knew were multi-purposed, but never would I have thought in a million years to be a medium for my spiritual growth.

    Chrissie De Guzman