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    I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to apprentice with Ava. I would not be anywhere near the level of professional and sophisticated of a Dakini as I am today without the uniqueness of her teaching style and the huge loving support she gave me every step of the way.

    What Ava offers is the ability to learn modern and classical tantra alongside the actual practice of going into session space with real clients. This rare teaching style is vital and yet surprisingly almost nonexistent in this field. Yet, it is exactly the magic that creates a real, embodied Dakini in her power and mastery.

    Ava’s teaching penetrates deep and it does not take long before you are living, breathing and exuding the essence of tantra in and out of session space. During my apprenticeship with Ava she quickly took me from being a beginner into tantric mastery.

    As a coach she truly understands me and has given me clear reflections of the priestess I am and used that to help me craft my unique offering with writing coaching and copy editing.