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    Foot Fetish Curiosity

    Do you offer foot fetish sessions? I’ve probably gotten this question a hundred times. I’m not sure if this is the norm for all tantric practitioners, or just because I…

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    ava namaste
    Do you offer Goddess Worship?

    One of the most common questions that female Tantra practitioners get is: Do you offer Goddess Worship?  Hmmm….what exactly does this mean? My sister Ajna’s clever response is: Goddess worship…

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    Changes at Tantric Awareness

    Name changes are fairly common in spiritual communities. Sometimes a new name is bestowed by a teacher, other times it comes to one through a potent meditation. My name Ava…

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    Create the New You

    I’m curious, how was your New Year’s? Does the holiday mean much to you? Are you a habitual resolution maker? Or perhaps you’ve been burnt by too many years of…

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    The Solo Poly Path

    Uncoupling from the primary partner paradigm in the midst of many poly couples has its challenges. About 8 months ago, I declared that I didn’t want a primary partner. What…

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    Everything is a question. True bliss enters when nothing is confirmed or denied. Love and creativity are one. Freedom comes from the ability to release the need to connect the…

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    You’ll be okay. You ARE okay… what does okay mean anyway? Even bat-shit-crazy-fucked-up can be okay… so relax already! You have so much to offer, especially in the form of…

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    Summary of Self

    As I get more in touch with the path of my spiritual self, the speed and contrast between my expansiveness and my depression is increasing dramatically…and it’s a little disturbing…

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    I felt this passage so deeply… couldn’t help but share it: “Padmasambhava came from Odiyana, a neighboring kingdom of Kashmir and brought the transmission of Mahamudra to Tibet in the…

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    Something springs forth… it wants out of me. A raw desire to let trails of tears and tantrums of laughter mix and flow in divine alchemy and transform into something…

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    Empathy 2.0

    The events and awarenesses that catapult me back into the flow sometimes surprise me.It’s not only the 2-hour deep tissue massage or ecstatic kirtan that do it (although, those are…

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    The Battle

    Emotional fixations, like needle tracks embedded in our DNA. Programming us to seek the fix – the fix that won’t fix us, the cure that can’t heal. Awareness, my dark-hearted…

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    Tantrika Salsera

    For many of you, it won’t take much convincing to prove my thesis:  Salsa dancing is Tantric. Duh, everything’s Tantric (especially dancing, silly!). But no, really it is… so let…

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    Let’s Work Through This

    I know that I am whole and I must continue to nurture myself first and with infinite love and patience. I am love. I am here to ground higher frequencies…

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    A radiant soul in the body of a beautiful man… in the spirit of pure consciousness – my lord, Shiva. You caress my higher self with grace, ease and power.…

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    Tantra Palooza 2010

    This blog is the beautiful story of my rebirth – the remembrance of who I am. The name I embrace, isn’t by chance… Ava Ananda is me… divine, whole, she who…

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    Floating in Perfection

    What do perfection and happiness mean to you? Someone asked me this question recently… . A golden chain tethers my root solidly to the center of the earth. Feet hover…

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